Tula is the Famous "PhoDographer"

Tula has been getting a lot of press! (Newest first)

WDIO Good Morning Northland

Tula was honored to be featured on the WDIO Good Morning Northland show. Maarja Anderson and Dana Zimmer could not have been more welcoming. Tula felt so comfortable that she actually took a nap partway through her segment! We ❤️ Duluth!

White Bear Lake Magazine

Small article in Tula's "home" glossy magazine. The link on the hedline and the photo go to the web article. Here is a photo of the article.

Fox 9 Twin Cities (For the Bow Wow Film Festival)

Our favorite of the recent stories about Tula.

Tula on WCCO for Bow Wow Film Festival

WCCO TV (For the Bow Wow Film Festival)

I juess Ken wasn't succinct enough for a morning news show! They had to cut off his rambling!

We wish we had known that anchor Kylie Bearse has such a connection with Children's Hospitals. That is where Tula does her most frequent Therapy Dog gig. She regularly does stories on them, and has volunteered there herself!


AKC Family Dog magazine (printed)

Short, nice article in the American Kennel Club's printed magazine. Their web article (below) was longer, understandably.

Fetch magazine (printed).

Wisconsin-based dog magazine.

Modern Dog magazine (printed)

Another terrific article in this great dog magazine. It was in the printed magazine, not online. Here is their website: moderndogmagazine.com. Subscribe!

Life With Dogs (lifewithdogs.com)

A nice collection of more recent photos, "appropriated" by the site for a story.

Which was in turn appropriated by:

American Kennel Club

Even though the lovely editor at the American Kennel Club (AKC), Liz Donovan, knows that Tula is (proudly) a mutt, it didn't stop her from making a sweet article about her. (Just like the people from "People," below, seemed to know that Tula is not, technically, a "people!")

People Magazine (online)

A cute story by Kelli Bender, editor, People.com. Some newer photos, plus some exclusive photos, never posted anywhere else. Fun approach: the story is mixed in with the photos!

The People story was also carried on MSN.com

mental_floss and mental_floss UK

Our favorite magazine!!!

Boston Herald & Seattle Times

Based on the StarTribune article.

CTV (Canadian Television) National News show

Joy Malbon, Washington Bureau Chief for CTV National News did a very fun story. She put a GoPro on a couple of other dogs at a Washington DC dog park and demonstrated that Tula's photographic skills are unique!

Also CTV's Maritime Provinces station did a separate story a couple of weeks later. Unfortunately we were not able to get a clip.

New York Magazine

The Washington Post article led to this funny piece in New York Magazine: Dog’s GoPro Photography Is the Only Good Use of a GoPro, by Madison Malone Kircher

Washington Post article

Washington Post

Another nice write-up by reporter Sarah Larimer. She had a fun and different take on Tula's story.


At least 25 other outlets picled up this story. The Washington Post story was very infleuntial. It led to atricles and TV coverage worldwide, including major dailies in Australia and New Zealand.

KS95 Radio logo

KS95 Radio, St. Paul-Minneapolis

Susie was interviewed by Moon, Stacy, & Crisco on KS95 (St. Paul-Minneapolis) on May 25 at about 6:45 pm. Here is the interview:


Minneapolis Star Tribune site screenshot

Minneapolis StarTribune

A lovely article by Rochelle Olson, with photos by Aaron Levinsky and video by intern Sophia Hoover.

This is the print version of the article. On the front of the popular Variety section! (Larger Images of story)

Almost 50->55 other newspapers picked up the StarTribune Story

TwinCities dot com article

St. Paul Pioneer Press and TwinCities.com (Pioneer Press online edition)

Fun article by Sarah Horner with photographer John Autey. This link is to the online version. Several other papers picked up the story.

This is the print version of the article. We were blown away by the placement on the front page! (Larger Images of story)

Pioneer Press cover
Steve Sanders and Tula at WGN

WGN Midday, Chicago

Tula relaxed (maybe too much?) while being interviewed by Steve Sanders during the Midday Show at WGN9 News. His interviewing style brought out a lot of information, from Tula's backstory to her work as a therapy dog.

Amy Rutledge introduction

WGN9 News, Chicago

Amy Rutledge did a wonderful story about Tula. We met at a small urban dog park near an iconic ball park. (Hint: the dog park is called Wiggly Field.)

Other stations picked up the story. Some did not post it to their websites.

InTouch Weekly

InTouch Weekly

The celebrity gossip magazine also picked up the Caters* story. (The story did not appear on their website.)

White Bear Press

White Bear Press, Minnesota

Debra Neutkens did a very nice, accurate story for our local newspaper, the White Bear Press.

Tula Kissing Molly

WCCO TV, St. Paul/Minneapolis

Tula and Susie were featured on the local TV news, the St. Paul-Minneapolis station WCCO. Tula gave the reporter, Molly Rosenblatt, a big kiss during her report!

A huge number, more than 110 local stations around the country picked up this story. Here are the ones we could find.

London Telegraph screen shot

The London Telegraph

Maybe because of competitive pressure from the Daily Mail, the Telegraph also picked up the Caters* story.

London Daily Mail

The London Daily Mail

Picked up the Caters News* Service article. The story got lots of engagement, with many, many comments and responses and "thumbs up."

BuzzFeed Article


This article got thousands of views.

*A Caters News Service reporter, Jack Williams, saw the Buzzfeed article and worked hard to find us. He tracked us down via Second Chance Rescue (through which we got Tula). The two London newspapers picked up the article (and later a magazine). This was the beginning of a surge of publicity.


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