Tula is the Famous "PhoDographer"

Tula's Story

When she was a puppy Tula, along with her siblings, were stuffed in a birdcage and abandoned at the side of a road near St. Cloud, Minnesota. Tula was rescued by Second Chance Rescue of White Bear Lake, Minnesota. She was fostered by longtime volunteer, Sue Samuelson, who is a family friend.

Sue and her husband were taking a rare dog-free vacation during the time she was fostering Tula and needed to find short term puppy care while they were gone. Susie and Katie’s parents offered to help Sue for that one week since the family dog, Lucy, would enjoy a playmate. Ha! The moment Tula walked in the house, she made a beeline for a bean bag chair that belonged to Susie and Katie. Although she looks like a hunting dog, she clearly has a little bit of diva in her. The moment that Susie held Tula in her arms…..there was not a chance that she was ever leaving. Tula was home!

What kind of dog is Tula?

Our standard answer is "brown." Because of her history, nothing is certain. It certainly appears that she is part Chocolate Labrador Retriever, but her chest is much more like a pointer-type variety, like a German Shorthair Pointer. Some people also say that her unusual eye color shows that she must have some Chesapeake Bay Retriever in her. We think it is more fun to guess than know.

Tula in the shadows.

What else does Tula do?

Most of Tula's "job" is the same as any family dog: being a loving, fun companion. But she does other things, too. Tula is a registered therapy dog with three teams:

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